The Overview

IPSSL initially launched its journey as a one-stop logistics & support services provider. Since its beginning it has been customer-driven and we made a mark almost instantly. With our approach of “One Call Does It All”, the company pioneered in the service industry in Bangladesh and in South East Asia.

To cover a wide demographic spectrum of customers and in the backdrop of initial services, we were inspired to supply to and eventually tie up with international companies. Thus, we started working under licensed agreements, offering various branded services in the marketplace.

The rapid response from our valued clients helped us grow, augment resources, and expand service portfolio that made it possible to yield a significant turnover.

Mission Statement

To foster a customer driven philosophy by developing distinctive competences and being the market leader in the service industry

The Beginning

As IPSSL started its activities in 1991, it assessed the logistic requirements of foreign investors coming to Bangladesh to implement different development projects. Amongst those IPSSL innovated the following services.

  • Supplying project-specific work forces, including security services
  • Sourcing and trans-shipping materials and equipment.
  • Installation support and other ancillary services for the project sites
  • End-to-end ground transportation support.
  • Supplying pre-fabricated cabins and provisioning living facilities.
  • Air Ambulance for the rapid transportation of the critically ill patients to the nearby better facilities.

As soon as our quality-centric approaches caught hold of customers’ fancy, we made greater inroads into some major deals viz. entered into logistics support agreement with CGG (French Firm) who undertook Seismic Survey for Occidental /Unocal’s oil field drilling operation, then HAM VOA, a Dutch firm which undertook the Jamuna River Training and reclamation work, Alcatel for 300k digital telephone projects, Jan de Nul-Hyundai JV for River Bank protection project.

As our operation and investment in logistics grew, we felt a dire need for splitting operations into different but effective business units that would give our customers competitive advantages at any given time.

Within 12 years, we carved out a niche for ourselves and the group has now shaped out well with several business units and competent work force.

Chronology of Progress

IPSSL evolved as a limited company served as a one-stop logistic services provider.


Group 4 Securicor (Currently G4S), IPSSL Group joint ventured with G4S, the largest global security company.


Hertz Rent –a Car Licensee introducing first multinational car rental services in Bangladesh.


Best Aviation Ltd, the First Private sector Helicopter Operator in Bangladesh, and First Freighter Airlines, innovating to airlift emergency cargo in 1998 flood operations, and first time to carry baby shrimp from Cox's Bazaar to Jessore, saving millions of dollars for Bangladesh economy.


Elenga Resort Ltd, First land based resort in Bangladesh to serve the domestic and international tourist, creating 130 direct jobs in the rural area of Elenga Village in Tangail, which was neglected decades.


Medical Wings / Air Ambulance Service.


Best Air started the Passenger Operations for the first time in Bangladesh with a fleet of B-737 and MD-83 Aircraft serving the route from Dhaka to Dubai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Colombo, Male. It was for the first time Bangladesh related to a direct air service with Sri Lanka and Maldives by Best Air. Earned huge popularity with its World Class service, Safety.


Mariums Sdn Bhd, Regional Trading Company based in the capital city of Malaysia to boost the international Trade.


Hello Airlines Limited, the airline is created to cater the Domestic and International Cargo needs, with a plan to launch passenger services in the first quarter of 2017 out of Bangladesh and in Balkans, connecting Europe and Asia, boosting the economy of both the regions.


Elenga Hotels Sdn Bhd, a 3-Star Standard Hotel in the heart of the Kuala Lumpur City.


Expanded the Business in to Central African Republic: Meriums RCS SARL


Expanded the Business in to the Gambia: Mariums Gambia Ltd.


Expanded in to Canada: Canadian Overseas Business Inc.


Expanded in to the Kingdom of Thailand: Asian Concierge Service Co. Ltd. (ACS)


How IPSSL Functions

The responsibility to implement IPSSL’s policy and strategic directives lies with sector-specific business units each being headed by professional Manager, who is in turn supported by a pool of skilled middle and junior level Executives. The Chairman saliently exercises the policy-making roles while holding regular review meetings with all departments to guide and promote the workplace spirit therein.

IPSSL’s Code
of Ethics

Influenced solely by clients interest, facts exposure is objectives

Customer Satisfaction
The very cornerstone of each and every single work process

Watch every detail, do a thorough job, regardless of cost to us.

Quote prices that will yield affair profit.

Continuous Improvement
Follow the global trend as our business driver.

Employee Empowerment
Staff is empowered to elicit performance with integrity.

Cooperative Relationship
Value all channel agents as our partners.