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IPSSL initially launched its journey as a one-stop logistics & support services provider. Since its beginning it has been customer-driven and we made a mark almost instantly. With our approach of “One Call Does It All”, the company pioneered in the service industry in Bangladesh and in South East Asia.

To cover a wide demographic spectrum of customers and in the backdrop of initial services, we were inspired to supply to and eventually tie up with international companies. Thus, we started working under licensed agreements, offering various branded services in the marketplace.

The rapid response from our valued clients helped us grow, augment resources, and expand service portfolio that made it possible to yield a significant turnover.

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Hello Airlines Ltd.


With the promise to deliver the ‘Last Kilo to the Last Mile’, Hello Airlines Limited started in 2012 as a Freighter Airlines in Bangladesh. The company introduced the state-of-the-art ATR-42-300 Freighter aircraft. Currently Hello Airlines operates a Fleet of ATR-42-300F and ATR-72-200F. Immediate plan is to launch a regional Freighter Service with a fleet of A330-200F.

Of course, Bangladesh is blessed with almost 200 million populations. Approximately 20 million Bangladesh expatriates keep travelling every day...

Hello Airlines Limited
Elenga Resort Ltd

Elenga Resort Ltd.


Elenga Resort Ltd started its operation in 2001 as the country’s singular and largest comprehensive tourist complex.

Located approximately 90 minutes from Dhaka City by road, and 10 km away from Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge - the 4th longest bridge in Asia, it has a total land area of 8.5 acres covered with lush green grass, uncountable plants and various trees of seasonal fruits and colorful tropical flowers.

Visitors to the resort have the advantages of sightseeing in its vicinity...

Canadian Overseas Business Inc


A company involved in aviation business of the following disciplines:

  • Brokerage
  • Helicopter buy and sale
  • Leasing of aircraft and helicopters
  • Aircraft buy and sale (both commercial and private jets)
  • Training of the crew, ground staffs in the world class facilities with EASA compliance
  • Representing world leading aircraft and helicopter leasing companies offering wide range of aircraft in the inventory.

Canadian Overseas

Visa Assistance Services Ltd.(VAS)


  • Provide one house comprehensive travel related services.
  • Assist in filling and submitting complete applications to the African countries and arrange door to door delivery of the documents.
  • Assist in completing and filling out Visa Forms, compiling documents for obtaining visa from the Embassies and Missions that are not existing in Bangladesh, rather based in New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Colombo, or in countries with the Immigration Department.

Mariums Sdn Bhd


MARIUMS SDN BHD is a multinational company registered in Malaysia, with aim to capitalize the resources available globally with the intellectual highest ability of promoters, experts and other stake holders. To maximize the utilization of the global resources in the area of agricultural for the benefit of the world community.

Focus is on international trade, resource management, lobbing globally for business development, acquisition and hedging and industrial development of LDCs mainly in Africa. In Malaysia MARIUMS SDN. BHD...

Mariums Sdn Bhd
Mariums Sdn Bhd

Mariums Gambia Ltd.


Gambia is beautiful country in the West Coast of Africa. That’s how they say, Smiling Coast of Africa. A lot of things to do to develop this small but potential country.

  • Mariams Gambia Limited, offers Charter Flights.
  • Car Rental Services of International Standard is under implementation
  • Investing in Human Capital to Lead the Service Industry such Banquet Facilities, attracting International Organizations and Business Organizations to host their Seminar, Workshop, Meeting, Conference, and Trade Show.

Asian Concierge Service Co. Ltd. (ACS)


Thailand is a land of smile, land of hospitality, blessed with multiple tourism specialties. One of them is Health Care. Thailand built its Hospitality Industries with decades of deep care from the heart.

Accommodating a big number of International Standard Hospitals, with world class doctors, nurses, health care specialists, along with the latest medical care technological advancement, innovation and research, Thailand have successfully placed themselves in the Global Health Care Industry...

Mariums Sdn Bhd

Mariums RCA SARL


Exploring telecommunications opportunities and open to investors.

Infrastructure projects on BOO and BOOT basis.

Building up of a tourist complex on 40 acres of land on the bank of the Ubangi River.

Implementation of Semi Mechanized Agriculture Initiatives to mitigate the food safety of this land locked country.

Global Multi Trade


Global Multi Trade is registered in Bangladesh, with aim to capitalize the resources available globally with the intellectual highest ability of promoters, experts and other stake holders. To maximize the utilization of the global resources in the area of food, agriculture, mineral, industrial material and technology for the benefit of the world community.

Global Multi trade is different commodities like wheat, rice, milk products, cooking oils, lentils, spices, electronics, and textiles etc.

The focus is on international trade...