Envisioning prospects in the service-oriented industry and capturing entrepreneurial spirit, I established IPSSL (within International Project Support System Ltd.) in the year 1991.

From its inception, we developed all IPSSL businesses on a simple but effective principle that our client’s requirements are of utmost importance and that every move we make will be dedicated by the standards they set for themselves.

By virtue of unstinted quality efforts and adopting timely measures, we walked by talk through translating my 20 long years of operation in the services sector into multi-business units like Airlines & Aviation Services, Travel & Tourism, Car Rental Service, Hotel & Resorts, Medical Evacuation, Health Care Services, Comprehensive Travel Related Services, Immigration and Visa Assistance, Agriculture, International Business Lobbying, G2G, G2B, B2B Business Matching Export, Import International Trade.

With the move to our regional office structure, change is everywhere and is one constant at IPSSL Group. Our leadership team is passionate about achieving this group demanding goals for continued growth, through a vertical market structure focused on what our clients want to achieve and where they want to go.

Most importantly, we believe that having "shared vision results in shared success". Understanding the challenges that our clients face leads us to more creative solutions that bring their projects into focus. Sharing their vision compels us to see it through - all the way through.

With our innovative and dynamic endear, IPSSL Group created job opportunities for about 40,000 people in its previously owned and present companies. Now the IPSSL Group can boast a dedicated international team of over 300 members lending boost to customers confidence through their unique performances. I am very confident that they will take the company to a newer height with my 2020 vision.

The aim is to add significant and measurable value not only to our clientele and IPSSL but also to the countries we operate. Society and the challenges are surely a part of our CSR approach.

I believe in strong Teamwork, thus all IPSSL Group Business is run by a Team of Experts, Specialist, Highly capable management. CEO’s are given the full authority to run the show independently. I trust that they are a better role player than me in their respective fields. Myself being an Innovator and Business Developer, they have given me the freedom to create Business and an everlasting Legacy.

I am very proud to lead my Team as a Team Leader. On behalf of my Team I would like to extend our endless gratitude to all the Stake Holders, for their continued support.